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Treatment Specializations


There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Loss presents us with a complicated array of symptoms and feelings including anger, depression, anxiety, guilt and loneliness.  My goal as a therapist is to meet clients where they are with empathy and warmth, to hold space for those who are experiencing grief, and to process and explore this challenging life experience. 

Anxiety & Stress

I’ve worked with clients experiencing many forms of anxiety including panic attacks, phobias, perfectionism, avoidance, and social anxiety, among others.  Anxiety is a normal human experience, and stress in life is unavoidable. My intention is to work collaboratively with clients, to identify thought patterns and beliefs that may no longer be serving us and to find tools we can leverage to increase coping and well-being.  

Life & Career Transitions

Change is hard, and at times, life forces a transition we didn’t seek.  At other times, we feel stuck and inhibited by fears and barriers that are blocking us from taking action steps to move forward.  As a therapist, I work hand-in-hand with clients to support their relationship with transitions, whether they are intended or unexpected.  

Communication & Relationships 

Attachment drives much of our social behavior and impacts how we see ourselves. Using a variety of modalities, I work with individuals and couples to identify these factors and to collaboratively work toward goals which may include, setting boundaries, developing communication strategies to increase mutual-understanding, or building empathy. 

Reproductive Mental Health

Reproductive health issues and traumas such as infertility or pregnancy loss are complex experiences that often lead to increased stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, grief and a sense of powerlessness.  I understand the physical, mental and emotional demands of any reproductive health journey and will meet clients where they are to provide support.


I provide a safe and affirming space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings and expression. I understand the fluidity and complexity of one's identity and seek to provide support through nonjudgmental, genuine warmth and understanding.  

Therapy Services

Individual & Couples Therapy


Session Fee: $250   

I offer 50-minute therapy sessions for adults, age 18 or older.

I am only offering virtual telehealth appointments

at this time. 

I am a self-pay and out-of-network provider.  

Clients are responsible for and encouraged to verify with their insurance provider whether they will receive reimbursement for services.  Insurance providers may offer reimbursement for a majority or some of the out of pocket session costs.  Please visit the FAQ page for additional information, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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